Cardip is a rubber based peelable paint designed specifically for the automotive industry. All our products come pre-mixed and ready to spray straight from the tin. Simply degrease the surface you require dipping and start spraying. It has a much lower risk of running than conventional paints so even the novice sprayer can achieve an excellent finish. We can supply the product in any colour you want and can also match to RAL codes and OEM manufacturers paint codes to provide every colour you could possibly need. Along with our basic colours, we have also introduced into our range for even more diversity. From subtle pearls to crazy kameleons we can do it all. plasti dip, rubber dip s, full car dip, part car dip, grill dipping, badge dipping, logo dipping, alloy wheel dipping,


We at Cardip Uk have created a unique spray on gloss protection. This will only be available from one of our authorised applicators throughout the uk as this is for professional application only. Once applied to your vehicle, the protection will be a totally invisible rubber protective layer with no seems, creases or nasty edges unlike the vinyl alternative which can still be polished or waxed to enhance the deep gloss finish like the rest of your vehicle. This will protect against stonechips road debris etc and will be able to be peeled off when desired leaving no trace it was ever there apart from the fact the original paint will still be like brand new[clear coat peelable protection]         


Fleet Branding using CarDip products has many benefits including

Costs are 30% less than vinyl wrapping
Liquid Wrapping a full vehicle takes up to 75% less time than vinyl wrapping
You can apply decals over the top of our products
You get a true high gloss shine with our topcoats
We can match to any fleet branding colour